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Prashant Solar produces “high-performance” PV solar modules on a commercial scale and at lowest cost using optimized processes in its mass production of modules.

World class Organization comprising of highly experienced and well respected PV industry experts.Prashant solar has retained a deep understanding of the PV development industry and the needs of its customers.

Easy to install, Prashant Solar modules comes with 25 years of warranty.

Consumer Benefits

  1. In the maximum efficiency division, we study the performance of all our panels throughout the product value chain, from the silicon extraction process, the treatment of the solar cells and their subsequent transformation into the TM-Series® solar panels that we offer our customers.
  2. High performance, quality, respect for the environment and making clean energy profitable are our motivation to continue evolving in this industry.
  3. Satisfaction of saving the environment and energy that will make a large difference.
  4. Independence and Security.
  5. A single 2kW solar power system from Prashant Solar will reduce CO2 emissions by about 2 tonnes per year , thus helping earth more sustainable over the years and future generation to be more secure and healthy.


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You can save upto units per month by installing a KWP solar rooftop system on sq.ft of roof space.

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